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Paju Book City

The world-first and world-largest book theme city

The whole city's architecture exhibition hal l(Paju Book City participated with the theme of Korean Pavilion in 2008 Biennale International Architecture Exhibition)

213 businesses occupant(Total 8,000 employees)

Total area: 1,580,000㎡ (Phase 2's business started from Sept. 2008)

StatusHEYRI Art Village

The culture and art village with a diversity of culture genres in one space

Total 370 members including writers, artists, movie-men, architects and musicians

A formation of residence space and culture & art space such as a workroom, art gallery and museum

A regular performances and exhibitions and every autumn festival

Total area of 495,868㎡

Gyeonggi English Village

Total daily users:700 people

The English village in Korea

The natural english learning in a harmonious space of experience, play and education

Total area of 270,000㎡

National Football Center

Education, training and convenient facilities

Natural grass for soccer pitch: 6, Artificial grass for soccer pitch:1, 160 persons accommodation, etc.

Total area of 112,397㎡

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