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Imjingak Resort is a place where the sorrow caused by the Korean War occurred in June 1950 and the conflict between the south and the north of Korea remains in. There are a diversity of monuments including the monument in the Imjingang zone and the US soldiers monument in Imjingak Resort. A train which goes to Shineuiju, the northern end of the Korean Peninsula before the division between two Koreans is exhibited in Imjingak Resort. Mangbaeddan is located to enable displaced people whose hometown was the North Korea to bow down to their parents or family in North Korea during the New Years Day and Chuseok. Sorrow of the dispersed family remains in Mangbaeddan. 3,800,000 Korean and foreign visitors Imjingak Resort visit each year as the Peace Tourist Spot where people meditate on sorrow of the division between two Koreans and pray for the unification.

Tour information

Imjingak tourist information center - Tel. 031-953-4744

Other tourist attractions

ODU mountain unification observatory

Odu mountain unification observatory



Dorasan Observatory

Dorasan Observatory

Third Infiltration Tunnel

Third Infiltration Tunnel


Public transportation


10 minutes walk from Imjingak Station of Gyeongui Line (For an admission of Dorasan Station, tourists must pass through a separate procedure.)


#058(Munsan↔Majeong) 5 minute walk from Imjingak Resort

#9710(Munsan↔Myeong-dong-ip-gu) Get off at Munsan Terminal → Transfer to #058 bus → Get off at Imjingak Resort. 5 minutes walk


Seoul Station → Yeonsinnae → Gupabal → Gwansan-dong → Munsan → Imjingak (last point of National Road No. 1)

Jayuro → Munsan I.C → Imjingak

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