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Driver's Licence Agency
Writer Mr. Garcia
Date 2010-10-11 View 2328
I undergone a road driving test today but unfortunately I failed for the reason that I did not understand the instructions or maybe rules while I'm taking the road test. I failed becaused I did not realy understand the instructions before the road test for it was spoken in korean. Could someone send me an english translation of the pointers and items that the inspector discussed that will be observed while taking the road test. It was outline in the board inside the education room for those who will take the road test, I do believed its the same items discussed to ll 26 driver's licence office before undergoing the road test.

I'll appreciate any suggestions and help. Thank you very much.

p.s. I took the licence process in uijeongbu licence office.

Sorry for the late response.

You'd better to contact Driver's license agency.
Their contact number is 1577-1120 and you can also refer to below website.

Hopefully, you can get driver's license.

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